Why Flag Football?

At New England Football, our roots are in the sport of Flag Football – still our flagship offering. For those new to the sport, here are just some of the reasons we’re dedicated to making Flag Football widely available and safer for kids K-8:

  • Learn and play the great sport of football in a fun, low pressure environment. Nobody is getting a scholarship to play flag football in college.  So, helicopter parents, Tiger Moms, crazy dads, etc. need not apply for coaching positions here.  At New England Football, we believe flag football should be about getting kids active and having fun.  Winning is nice.  But, if that’s all you focus on, you’re missing the point.  Read about our philosophy here
  • Kids get an introduction to teamwork, working collaboratively with other kids and parents from different backgrounds and what it means to put the team ahead of themselves.
  • Kids learn to win and lose with grace, dignity and a sense of humor.
  • Get those kids off the couch, off their devices and away from the video games!
    • Did you know there is a high correlation between youth sports participation and: 1) better academic performance, 2) healthier lifestyles into high school and beyond, 3) self-confidence, 4) problem solving skills, and 5) many other benefits?[1]
    • Did you know that kids who play team sports have meaningfully lower rates of discipline problems, violent behavior, substance abuse and school dropout?[2]
    • For girls in particular, sports participation promotes better grades, higher graduation rates, and higher self-esteem.[3] And, girls’ participation in sports correlates with lower rates of addiction, obesity, depression, suicide and other destructive behaviors.[4]

Why New England Flag Football?

There are other flag football leagues out there. We’re the best (did we mention sports promotes self-confidence?), and here’s why:

The Spotlight Game
Every hour, one game is played on our “Spotlight Field,” which means player introductions, walk-in music, in-game announcing of action on the field, and more (this is where you see our creative sides come out each season).
The Gear
NEFF rocks the sweetest uniforms this side of the Mississippi (the other side too, we just always wanted to say “this side of the Mississippi”).
Attention to Detail
Customer service and attention to detail are our hallmarks – we take your and your child’s experience and safety seriously.
For the Fall 2018 season and beyond, we are teaming with RockSolid to bring softshell helmets to NEFF to make the game even safer for our players.
Professional Referees
NEFF uses only trained, certified, experienced football officials for all games.
BC vs. FSU in 2017 Flag Football action
Florida and Baylor in the 2017 5-6 Big10 semifinals
Touchdown, Texas!
Harvard and Michigan in the 2017 Flag regular season

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age requirements for Flag Football?

Flag Football players must be between Kindergarten and Grade 8 as of August 1st of the targeted season

How many players are on a flag football team?

Five players are on the field at a time for each participating team.  A team size of ten players is recommended, however NEFF wants to provide as many kids that want to play with the opportunity to do so and reserves the right to ask a team to carry additional players if forming another team does not make sense.

Are flag football games played on a regulation-sized field?

No, the field is a bit smaller (70 yards x 30 yards). A first down is achieved by crossing mid-field within three plays of receiving the ball, and there are “no running zones” within five yards of mid-field and each end zone to protect players/minimize collisions.

Do I need to provide any special equipment for my flag football player?

Mouth guards must be worn at all times, and rubber cleats are recommended for outdoor play. All players must be wearing a mouth guard or they will not be able to participate. The league provides uniforms, flag belts, and footballs. Many players opt to wear tacktified receiver gloves, but they certainly are not required.

Beginning in 2018 the following equipment is mandatory and can be purchased during registration [Equipment Sizing Guide]:

  • RockSolid soft shell helmets

Note – helmets can be reused from season to season. Mouth guards are available for purchase at the field (while supplies last).

What are the rules of flag football?

NEFF follows a modified version of the NFL flag football rules.  NEFF’s rules are available HERE.

What size jersey should I order?

You can use this sizing guide to help select the best jersey size for your player:

Ready to continue your Flag Football journey?

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