The Coozy

The John Cusolito Community Spirit Award

What is The Coozy?

The North Shore is an extraordinary group of communities, and we feel fortunate to have found such a unique and vibrant locale in which to raise our families. Whether you were born here or got here as soon as you could, this area and its residents always extend a warm welcome and, when necessary, a helping hand. These qualities are the essence of the communities in which we live. And, in recent years, no one has done more than John Cusolito to foster Hamilton-Wenham’s own community spirit among our youth.

The community spirit demonstrated by John is reflected in qualities we value in our children, neighbors, and friends: volunteerism, courage, compassion, kindness, inclusiveness and empathy – among others. It is in recognition of John’s continuous demonstration of these, and so many other, admirable qualities that NEFF introduced the John Cusolito Community Spirt Award (a.k.a the “Coozy”) in 2016. This perpetual award is given annually to youths (and beginning in 2018, moms!) in our area who demonstrate qualities contributing to the unique community spirit of this area. The goal of this award is to recognize past demonstration of these qualities, but also to encourage their continued propagation by the award’s recipients and their peers.

Coozy Recipients


Henry Foster

Sam Foster


Emma Ryan


Tenny Kagan (Flag Football)

Patti McCullough (Mom Ball)

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