What’s New at NEFF for 2018?

Funny you should ask…. Those who have been with us over the years know that we are always looking to improve our customers’ experiences and up our game. Whether it’s sweet Championship Rings, all-girl teams or divisions, or the best uniforms in the nation . . . . we are the innovators, not the imitators … Read More

Our Thoughts on Tackle Football

For some, their personal Football Journey will lead to traditional tackle football. While New England Football doesn’t currently offer a tackle football option, we can help you prepare to play the game better and more safely with the fundamentals you’ll learn through our Flag Football or Flex Football leagues. As parents and former tackle football … Read More

Football is Special. And, Here’s Why.

Soccer.  Baseball.  Basketball.  Lacrosse.  Hockey.  Tennis.  Music lessons.  Art Classes.  Theater classes. So many choices for our kids today, yet there are only so many hours in the day.  As a parent, how do you choose one activity over another?  Well, before you make those decisions, there’s something you need to know about football, in … Read More