Power Rankings in a youth sports league? ABSOLUTELY….but they aren’t what you think. The NEFF Power Rankings determine which team’s fans will get the coveted Fans of the Year award. How is the winning group determined? We won’t reveal what goes into the judging process — but we’re sure you’ll figure it out.

Here we are at the midpoint of the 2018 season and teams are starting to show their spirit, but more importantly appear to be learning what it takes to win the FOTY title (see a trend in this week's top five???)...

Here's how New England Football's Power Panel voted in the Week 4 edition of the Power Rankings:

  1. Michigan State 5-6 - a tray of perfectly grilled hot dogs was delivered to NEFFQuarters during the Spartan's postgame tailgate!
  2. NC State 5-6 - A very strong performance from the fan base before, during, and after the Game that Divided a Household (McCavanagh v. McCavanagh) - the wolf noses, team banner, coaches' headsets, cheerleader (yes, cheerleader), rowdy fans, and tray of burgers and dogs hand-delivered to NEFFQuarters propelled the Wolf Pack into the top five. Why not #1? So close to taking the top spot, and thank you for taking care of us.....ketchup on the dogs kept the Wolf Pack from a perfect score.
  3. Oregon 1-2 & Oregon 3-4- The spotlight game entrances for both teams in Week 3 could very well have been the best of all time! The level of preparation, detail and coordination that the girls demonstrated was incredibly impressive!
  4. Rounding out our mid-season Top Five is 'Bama 1-2 - and the Crimson Tide can thank Mr. Smith for propelling them onto the leaderboard. Hint - a craft selection would have landed them the top spot....

Three weeks to go....if you want to take home the title notice the trend and bring it!