Power Rankings in a youth sports league? ABSOLUTELY….but they aren’t what you think. The NEFF Power Rankings determine which team’s fans will get the coveted Fans of the Year award. How is the winning group determined? We won’t reveal what goes into the judging process — but we’re sure you’ll figure it out.

The 3-4 (now 5-6) Michigan State Spartans brought home the 2017 FOTY title. Will they repeat? Given that inappropriate posters/play cards have been banned from the sidelines (for obvious reasons - you guys are sick), it is hard to know.

Overall it was a pretty weak showing in terms of team spirit this past weekend. Opening Day jitters? Maybe. Granted, we can't see everything, so if you think your squad has what it takes to top the leaderboard, don't be afraid to flaunt it!

Here's how New England Football's Power Panel voted in the Week 1 edition of the Power Rankings:

  1. Sweet Briar K-1 - Huge fan base, coordinated sideline apparel on the coaching staff, loud cheering section...impressive showing in their New England Football debut.
  2. Miami 3-4 - the turnover chain. Genius.
  3. Florida 5-6 - sheer confidence combined with the Gator skin jerseys (despite being on the road) propelled the defending National Champion Gators into the Top 5
  4. Texas 3-4 - only team with a legit cheerleading squad.
  5. Baylor 7-8 - the pregame dancing in front of the SoloShot cam is forever etched in our memories (is that a good thing? You decide). That and Coach Coffey would kick a certain NEFF Boardmember's @$$ if Baylor didn't make the list at least once in her coaching tenure.


  1. BC 5-6 and NC State 5-6 - neither coaching staff bothered to show up for Opening Day. Commitment issues.
  2. Ole Miss 7-8 - Has the former juggernaut not bounced back from a heartbreaking loss to the Baylor Bears in the 2017 National Championship (as UCLA 7-8), or are they simply lulling everyone to sleep only to follow up with a sucker-punch when it matters most? Only time will tell, yet for the first time in team history they did not storm the field waving a team flag...

If history has taught us anything, NEFF does things right, so up your respective games people. It will be worth it.