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Dedicated to Football in all of its Forms. The Premier Football Organization in New England.

Everyone has their own personal Football Destination. For some, football leads to Flag Football. Some will look for the middle ground between flag football and full contact football – a brand new sport called Flex Football. For still others, the Football Journey will lead to traditional tackle football. For many, the Football Journey includes stops at all three of these options.

No matter where you are headed, NEFF will help you develop the skills you need to succeed. How do we do it? We believe success is earned through deliberate development of the fundamentals of the game – passing, catching, footwork, running and more. And, those skills are best honed through repetition preparing for and playing the game – in any form.

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The Spotlight Game

Every football fan dreams of running out of a stadium tunnel to the thunderous applause of a rowdy crowd before a big game. NEFF’s spotlight games are the closest things to big-time on-field football experiences kids will encounter until they go pro. Seriously. Player intros, halftime shows, a scoreboard, and play-by-play announcing are just a few of the things that help make Spotlight Games the most anticipated events on schedules every year!

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Very proud of offensive player of the year, @ian_coffey_24, all-star Ryan Monahan, and second team all-Salem News Chance Augustine, Finn Brophy, Colby Cala, Tristan McCarthy, Ethan Moynihan, Jack Mulvihill, and Costas Savignano. Great work, men. https://t.co/dn1uPmePM3

Huge thank you to our amazing parents for organizing, this year wasn’t possible without you guys! Also to Prince Pizza for hosting. Amazing way to cap off the season and celebrate our New England Championship!

What People are Saying About

I love how much the parents get into it…

…You look at the sidelines and you see team flags, hats, towels, etc. all over the place and people are going crazy. The parents enjoy it just as much as the kids. It’s awesome.

Pat Brown
NEFF Coach

We have been a part of NEFF for 4 years…

…In that time our family has had two children play and two parents coach. We have watched the program grow into an experience that inspires, motivates and impacts kids positively, both on and off the field. Real values are discovered, sportsmanship is displayed and fun is had by all, especially the fans. It’s become a community based program that galvanizes people and affords them the opportunity to enjoy sport in its purest form. We are so grateful for the NEFF community and the ongoing experiences they develop for our kids. Can’t wait for 2018!

The McCavanagh Family
Manchester, MA

New England Flag Football is a great way to introduce kids to the game of football.

It’s a great chance for them to learn the fundamentals of catching, throwing and strategy in a fun but competitive environment.

Mike Flynn
NFL Veteran, Current on-air personality with 98.5 The Sports Hub, NEFF Coach

There is an art to running a successful youth football program…

…very few leagues nationwide have found the recipe. The guys at New England Football wrote the book on how to do things right. We searched across the country for the right league to implement our Flex Football platform. It took one visit to New England where we saw gameday activation/experience like no other. It was clear as day that this is a business of passion. They take extreme pride in the experience they deliver to players and parents. If the game of football is going to grow in the future, it must have leagues like New England Football. They know what it takes to be the best.

NEFF is the best youth sports league around.

Game day is an event. With the banners, flags, and music– the atmosphere is electric. I’ve never seen a league where the parents are participants and end up having as much fun as the kids. The ‘fan of the year’ (Power Rankings) award fuels the excitement and the cheers from the crowd is amazing. There is a real community spirit not replicated in other leagues and the games are talking points for the rest of the week. The kids not only learn how to play football, they learn the fun associated with friendly rivalries and friendly competition. The only things I can compare the atmosphere of NEFF game day to is minor league baseball or the parking lot of a college football game– fun and team spirit abound. There is something special going on here…

Dr. Peter Cummings
Neuropathologist, NEFF Coach

The powers-that-be at NEFF just get it.

It’s not about the final score or how many touchdowns your kid scores. It’s not about your team’s record or your playoff standing. It’s about the experience of playing with your friends and the camaraderie the league promotes. It’s about the game day excitement, the exhilaration of hearing the announcers shout your name, the music during play stoppage, the running onto the field with banners and flags, the ‘Fans of the Year’ award, and on and on… It’s just different. And that’s why we can’t wait to play.

Mike Kent
NEFF Coach

Flex Football is the best way to reinforce individual skills during the off season.

The soft shell pads allows for some contact, which enhances the players’ development of man coverage and route running skills, blocking mechanics, and making decisions with a live pass rush for QBs. It is a more functional approach to bridge the gap between flag football and full contact for younger kids. Essex Tech will certainly utilize Flex Football during the off season to master individual techniques and team chemistry.

Daniel Connors
Head Football Coach, Essex Technical High School

As a coach of tackle football and flag football for over 10 years…

…I have seen the unique benefits each provides. Now with the introduction of Flex Football we have a new twist on the sport. Our flag players are getting an introduction to limited contact and see the advantages of blocking and utilizing real football concepts like pulling linemen and bump and run pass coverage. I’ve seen some of them really excel and show some real skills.

Our kids that already play tackle are excited to show what they can do and now have an off-season workout program like other sports have. Since Flex is not full contact they have been focusing on fine tuning open hand blocking offensively and their technique on shedding blocks and breaking down on defense.

Flex football has made our flag and tackle kids better overall football players.

Marty Cooke
Commissioner of Hamilton-Wenham Generals Youth Football, NEFF Coach

NEFF is a throwback to what youth sports was…

…before the days of AAU, year long seasons, and multiple sport seasons. Good clean fun with a healthy dose of competition mixed in. It is also quite the social event as seemingly everyone in town is down at Patton Park on Saturdays in the fall.

Brian Minich
NEFF Coach

Flex Football is the perfect way…

…for skill players and linemen to develop position-specific skills in the off-season. Our players had a blast and cannot wait to play again. The fact that all players, regardless of position, can participate in Flex Football is a huge advantage to any football program.

Andrew Morency
Head Football Coach, Beverly High School

As a coach, I cannot speak highly enough about Flex Football.

Not only is it an opportunity to teach my young players the rules and techniques used in tackle football, but the scaled approach gives players and parents another option before making the jump from flag to tackle. My favorite part of flex thus far has been the ability to take young players that may not have had the natural speed and dexterity to be excellent flag players and find them roles in the expanded setting of Flex where they can not only contribute but excel.

Flex Football is where the concept of football being a team sport begins. The game is no longer “get the ball to the fast kid and hope nobody catches them,” it’s about designed plays, roles, and role players. Now, when a lineman makes a block to open a hole that leads to a touchdown, she/he knows they were crucial to that play being successful, which in turn builds confidence and self-esteem.

I have been happy watching the players and their parents’ attitudes change all season as a result of the success they are having on the field. I am happy to have gotten in at the early stage to Flex Football, I see this sport growing exponentially in the very near future.

David Polito
NEFF Coach

We look forward to playing NEFF all year long…

…the fun and positive atmosphere created by the kids, parents and fans each fall is a true asset to our town. Most importantly, NEFF teaches our kids valuable life lessons starting at a young age. The values of good sportsmanship, how to win, how to lose and how to be a great teammate are all learned here.

Pete Tschudy
NEFF Coach